Multi Grade Sand Filters & Activated Carbon Filters

Multi Grade Sand Filters & Activated Carbon Filters

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Multi Grade Sand Filters & Activated Carbon Filters

Pressure Sand Filters are used for Sand Filtration of Water. It consists of Pressure Vessel (Vertical or Horizontal Position) with Frontal Piping & Valves. The Media used is Graded Silica Quartz, Coarse Sand and Pebbles & Gravels. A Distribution System is installed in order to distribute the Incoming Water Supply Uniformly in the Filter.

Raw Water flows into the Filter downwards through the filter media as the suspended particles are retained in the sand media. Clear Water flows out of the system and there is a pressure & flow drop in the media as the filtration continues. The Filter requires frequent Back Wash in order to increase the Flow & Pressure from the Filter.

Product Details:

Installation & Maintenance Required


Weight of Filtering Material

0-200 kg, 200-400 kg, 400-800 kg, 800-1200 kg, >1200 kg

Filtration Capacity

0-5 t/h, 20-30 t/h

Inlet and Outlet Diameter

40-80 mm, 80-120 mm


Mild Steel Epoxy Coated Vessels

Mild Steel Rubber Lined Vessels

FRP Vessels


MS Piping

PVC Piping

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